Hello there, my name is Ryan Glenn Wingo and I'm on the ballot for congressional representative of California's 49th Congressional District.  While my website mentions my stance on various issues I wanted to take this opportunity to briefly explain what proposals and reforms I would like to accomplish while representing our district.  Since I'm not associated with any political parties nor have I received any political donations that gives me the advantage of being able to communicate ideas and present simple and responsible legislation, as opposed to being confined to partisan politics or donors.

     The two most prominent goals I have are an amendment to the U.S. Constitution or at least a simple piece of legislation allowing all the states and territories of our nation to determine there own rules and regulations pertaining to cannabis in all areas of legality.  Also the complete decriminalization of industrial hemp to help combat the oil industrial complex, deforestation, our slumping economy and job markets, etcetera.

     The paying down of our nation's debt should be our biggest concern after the legalization of cannabis and hemp, personal opinion.  If we can start paying down our debt and stay persistent with this that in turn should strengthen our currency giving us more buying power.  Imagine if you will paying our nation's debt down to the point where our federal government needs a fraction of the budget it does to maintain functioning.  Along with that what if we were able to generate enough tax revenue from property taxes (due to increase in property owners, NOT an increase in tax rates to property owners), excessive corporate profit taxes of some sort, and sales taxes?  What if we got it to the point where this said tax revenue could actually offset a gradual decrease and eventual elimination of income taxes, with the ultimate goal of repealing the 22nd amendment ratified in 1916, which gave our federal government the constitutional right to impose taxes on our income?  To make this come to fruition though I believe we need to tinker with the tax rates/brackets for both personal income taxes and businesses, along with a balanced budget on an annual basis, and the influx of new economic opportunities (think cannabis & hemp).  We need to make these a major emphasis.

     As far as tax rates are concerned let's look at dropping the rates and/or reassessing established tax brackets, while also establishing newly implemented tax brackets for millionaires and billionaires to offset lost tax revenue from previously fore mentioned tax rate/bracket adjustments.  The goal of this is to generate tax revenue to pay down our nation's debts.  As the national debt decreases and tax revenue becomes a possible surplus we can justify decreasing tax rates across the board for all tax brackets until we eliminate income taxes altogether.  Obviously this is only feasible if we can generate enough tax revenue from property taxes, business taxes (excessive corporate profit taxes?), and sales taxes, etc. along with a balanced budget on an annual basis.

     We need a means for establishing a balanced budget on an annual basis (Bureau of Budgeting?)

     We also need an amendment to the U.S. Constitution establishing term limits for congressional representatives in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

     A legitimate discussion on how our president is selected might be worth considering in this day and age as well.  That is should we consider electing our president through some alternative means than the current electoral college process?  For example, through popular vote like we do with congress or selecting a president from amongst our governors (this would give a new importance and attention to who we select to lead our individual states).

     Simple, yet legitimate and effective legislation for whistleblower protection.  This way whistleblowers can expose corruption within our government and its' agencies utilizing the proper chain-of-command, without fear of retaliation, obstruction of investigation from corrupt superiors, or having to result to leaking classified documents illegally.

     I'm for removal of ALL U.S. military forces from the Middle East along with economic sanctions placed on Saudi Arabia.

     I would also like to see mandatory minimum sentences abolished altogether.

     While numerous issues exist in our society today I believe the fore mentioned proposals and reforms can have some of the most far reaching and positive effects.  Here's the thing though, I would be only one person out of 435 congressional representatives and 100 senators, which we would still have to work on getting on the same page.  Anything is possible though.  Ultimately, we can hope that our elected representatives develop alternative mindsets or we can start electing individuals with alternative mindsets.  Hopefully this provides clarity for those who are curious as to what I'm looking to accomplish as an elected representative, if not please let me know about any other questions or concerns you might have and I'd be more than happy to address them.  Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Independent - Non Partisan

- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

"The time is always right to do what is right."

Ryan Glenn Wingo